• Classic lashes

    Classic lashes

    Classic eyelash extensions are a popular choice for enhancing the length, curl, and thickness of natural lashes. In this technique, a single extension is applied to each individual natural lash, creating a more subtle and natural look compared to volume or hybrid lash extensions.

    Our premium super soft range has 6 curl choices to give versatility to the lash techs.

    Here are some common curl types:

    C curl: This curl type provides a great lifting effect, especially for lashes that grow horizontally or have a slight downward inclination

    J Curl: These closely follow the natural curl direction of our lashes, providing a more natural and subtle appearance.

    B Curl: This curl type offers slightly more volume compared to J curls, giving a bit more lift and definition to the lashes.

    D & D+ Curl: These are enhanced curls that provide a significant increase in volume and definition. They create a bolder, more dramatic look.

    LC curl: Specifically designed for downward-growing lashes, the LC option features an angled tip that has a lifting effect on the lash line. This helps to open up the eyes and create a more lifted appearance.

    Versatility for Lash Technicians: Classic lashes provide lash technicians with the flexibility to customize the look based on the client's preferences and natural lash characteristics. The variety of curls allows for a range of styles, from natural to more dramatic and voluminous.

    Lifting Effect: The LC option, in particular, is designed to address downward-growing lashes, ensuring a lifted and flattering result.

  • Mix length box

    Mix length boxes

    Explore our mix length boxes, spanning from 7mm to 15mm, designed to provide you with a comprehensive range of lengths.

    Our mix trays, featuring 12 lash strips, are thoughtfully curated to equip you with the versatility needed for mapping lashes uniquely. Each set includes 2 lash strips in the most sought-after lengths of 11mm, 12mm, and 13mm, ensuring you have the perfect assortment for your lash creations. Elevate your lash experience with our Blend of Lengths Collection.

  • Flat / ellipse lashes

    Flat/ellipse lashes

    Flat eyelash extensions are a classic in the field, however, they have a flat base structure that gives them the most durable retention! Ultra soft texture & split tip gives these lashes the feel of a russian volume extension. They are ideal to blend for the hugely popular Hybrid lash technique. The flat structure allows much easier & quicker lash applications.

    In our newly launched eco-sustainable packaging which uses 99% less so you can do your bit for the environment at the same time! 

  • Coloured & glitter

    Coloured & glitter lashes

    Our color & glitter classic lashes are perfect to add something different to your lash creations! Our color trays have a multiple colour selection in gold, pink, red, brown, purple, green & blue. Lashes can be added as a layer in one colour or just a few at the outer corners to give a hint of colour. Popular in summer with festivals!

    Our glitter range really does add a sparkle to the lash line. Perfect for festivals or during the Christmas holiday season. Glitter colour trays include silver, pink, grey, blue, violet & gold. 

    Ombre or two tone lashes are a more subtle way of adding colour with a black base graduating into a coloured tip! Available in red, brown, violet, green and blue. 

  • Kit

    Eyelash extensions kit

    The Kalentin Classic eyelash extension kits are perfect for beginners wanting to ensure they have the right tools to create amazing lash extensions. The starter kit is ideal for training academies wanting to use our products on their training courses. The large kit has everything you need to progress your skills further.

    All the kit contents have been tested and carefully formulated to give only the highest quality. Our esteemed adhesive range is low sensitivity and low odour. The kits give you a chance to try all our trusted products & tools and is a more economical option than purchasing the products individually.

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Classic lash extensions

The classic technique is the application of one single eyelash extension onto the natural eyelash. Our comprehensive range gives lots of choice. We have our original classic eyelash range in curls J,B,C,D,D+,LC.

Premium supersoft texture lashes that are easy to apply to add length and definition to the lash line. Available in individual lengths and mixed boxes. For a more unique lash creation, our colour & glitter lashes range is perfect!

The ultrasoft Flat lash range is a new concept with a flat structure that sits on the natural lash securely, giving greater retention. The split tip of the lashes and almost Russian feel are perfect to blend with the hybrid technique.

Our eyelash extensions kits are ideal for beginners and training academies wanting to offer courses using our highly esteemed lash range.