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Lash and brow vegan products

The Kalentin Vegan product range has been lovingly created to deliver the highest quality Vegan lash & brow treatments. Registered with the Vegan society and Cruelty free, this collection has been stringently tested to ensure it meets the strict Vegan values criteria. It was the next step for Kalentin in our mission to make conscious choices that align with our values of compassion, sustainability and health.

The Kalentin vegan range is growing, with new products being added all the time. We have recently launched our Vegan KaMaskara, a Eco-friendly Vegan Mascara with a unique serum that lengthens, lifts and gives super defined lashes with 94% of the ingredients being of natural origin. Our best selling lash extension adhesive; Maxi Speed has been formulated with a Vegan version as well as for our lash and brow tints.

But what does it really mean Vegan?

Vegan it's not just a diet! Vegan it's a philosophy of life, it's a way of interacting between man and nature in a conscious and respectful manner. Kalentin therefore makes its contribution in eliminating products of animal origin by replacing them with ingredients of plant origin without compromising effectiveness and guaranteeing a more natural and conscious product.

Why Kalentin is environmentally friendly

We replaced plastic packaging with paper packaging wherever possible and incorporated re-usability in the design of our products. We also adopt a plastic free delivery system, where we use paper pouches, paper tape and biodegradable packing peanuts to prepare our orders. We designed many products aiming to increase their re-usability in order to reduce consumable waste. Some examples of these are our re-usable silicon pads for the lash lift system and our re-usable steel handles for micro-brushes and cotton swabs. For the retail industry, we have designed an incredibly eco-friendly mascara, which other than having a re-fill system, is made from glass, bamboo and aluminium to further reduce consumable plastic waste. 

Would you like to contribute in our sustainability journey?

Take a look at our full Vegan assortment and help us make our planet a better place!

Best-selling products for Vegan Lash Lift and Brow Lamination

Vegan tints

Kalentin Vegan tints for lashes and brows are registered with the Vegan Society and completely cruelty free! The range comes in 5 super-pigmented shades: black, blue/black, dark brown, brown and blond.

The rich buttery texture makes the Vegan tints so easy to blend with the Vegan Oxidant cream in a 1:1 ratio; just a few minutes and you will add the wow factor to your lash lift or brow lamination treatments! 50 applications each tube and once opened will last up to 12 months!

Vegan lash cleanser

Kalentin's lash shampoo is designed to offer a superior cleansing experience for both natural lashes and brows and eyelash extensions. Boasting a gentle formulation, free from harsh chemicals like parabens and sulphates, the mild yet effective formula ensures a thorough cleanse without compromising the health of natural lashes or the integrity of eyelash extensions.

The foam removes makeup, dirt, dust and any dry skin build up with an ophthalmologically tested formula to ensure it is gentle enough for the entire eye area. Kalentin's vegan cleansing foam can be used before any lash or brow treatments to thoroughly cleanse the eye area. This can also be retailed to your client as a trusted Lash Shampoo! Particularly indicated for clients who wear eyelash extensions regularly to maintain a clean and healthy lash line.

Vegan eyepatches

Protect and moisturize the under eyes! Our Vegan eye patches are designed to be used during eyelash treatments to cover and protect the lower lashes. The patches are lint free, smooth, easy to apply and remove. 

With the addition of Aloe & Vitamin C, they moisturise your client’s skin during the treatment, which is a big bonus!

Vegan coating sealant

One of the best immediate aftercare for eyelash extensions is a good sealant, our Vegan Coating sealant is designed to make the lashes look fresh and prolongs the life of the extensions by thinly coating the surface.

A protection from humidity and moist which will help to increase the retention and provide with a glossy look like the treatments had just been done! 

Available in Black or Clear, just apply when the adhesive is completely dry from the mid lengths to the tips of the lashes.

Vegan lash lift kits

The Kalentin Lash Lift range has been developed as an alternative to eyelash extensions. The 4 step treatment system lifts the natural lashes whilst nourishing them with power packed ingredients including Hyaluronic Acid, Keratin & Panthenol. Our range includes the 4 step system, Genie Lash lift tool, protein remover pads to prepare the lashes, silicon pads in sizes XS,S,M,L and the treatment disposables which can all be purchased separately or as part of the complete kit.

The introduction of our Vegan Lash lift range has been hugely popular with salons. Registered with the vegan society, the Vegan Lash lift kit is a complete kit offering 30 treatments with our sustainably stylish packaging and workstation box it makes being kinder to the environment a breeze. Our patented Genie Lash lift tool is our hero product lash techs simply cannot live without. It has intricate grooves to lift the lashes precisely in place making life easier.

The treatment results last up to 6 weeks.

Vegan brow lamination kits

The Kalentin brow lamination treatment uses our professional 4-step treatment system to sculpt and define the brow hairs in the desired shape. Perfect for fine brows to add volume whilst thicker brows can benefit from a more lifted and groomed look. The beauty of this treatment is that it treats the brow hair to a nourishing indulgence. Each client's brows are different and this treatment will certainly enhance their definition uniquely!

The Kalentin Brow lamination kit is Vegan and perfect for salons wanting to offer a vegan & cruelty free brow treatment.

A comprehensive set of products and tools specifically curated for achieving professional eyebrow lamination results. This kit includes solutions for straightening, fixing, and nourishing the brows, along with essential accessories such as applicators, brushes, and instructions for achieving perfectly groomed and styled eyebrows

This dynamic new brow treatment has results lasting from 4-6 weeks.