1. I lost / forgot my login password, what can I do?

No problem! Call us at: +44 01744302121 or send us an email at customerservice.kalentin@gmail.com or chat with us on the website.
One of our assistants will reset a new password for you in a few seconds.

2. Can I have the tracking of my package? Where is my package?

After your order has been shipped, we update your order information adding the tracking number, in this way you can easily check the transit of your order. If you need further assistance, contact us with your order number or any details handy that may help us identify your order and we will be more than happy to help!

3. When will I receive my order?

From receiving payment for your order, our team will be ready to process it in 1/2 working days. once the order has been shipped, you will receive it within the days specified in the "buying guide" based on the shipping method chosen and the destination.

4. I can't find a product on the site, what can I do?

Browse our site to find the products you are interested in. You can help yourself with the search with the main menu and with the search bar in which you can enter the name of the product or its reference code (if you know it). Still in struggle? Contact us and we will assist you!

5. How long do your products last once opened?

Products have their own expiry date.

The "PAO" (period after opening) indicates the months in which it is safe to use a cosmetic product once opened. Once it expires it can not only lose its beneficial functions but also cause skin problems, such as irritation, rashes or rashes. skin.

Identifying PAO is quite simple, its presence has been mandatory on labels since 2005, following a law issued to protect consumers and avoid unpleasant skin reactions due to improper use of products.

It is highlighted with the symbol of a stylized open jar and with the months of duration after its opening indicated in numbers, they can be: 3, 6, 12, 18, 36 M (i.e. months). If your product is marked with 12M, it means that it will last for one year. The PAO concerns the duration of the product from the moment of its opening, it is therefore different from the expiry date.

6. Do your products contain Nickel?

In cosmetics, Nickel and its compounds are prohibited; however, since Nickel impurities cannot be completely eliminated, the current cosmetic legislation (EC Regulation no. 1223/2009) allows the presence of technically unavoidable traces of Nickel.

PATCH TEST: in some people, cosmetic products can cause redness, inflammation, etc., which is why it is necessarily recommended to carry out a sensitivity test at least 48 hours before treatment. Apply a small amount of product behind the ear or in the crook of the arm and leave it on for at least 2 hours to check for possible irritation. This test is an important precaution. The absence of obvious manifestations does not 100% exclude that the product may nevertheless cause an allergic reaction during future applications. In case of irritation, itching or redness, remove the product immediately and rinse thoroughly.

7. Can I receive additional technical documentation relating to your products?

Kalentin operates in total transparency, for this reason you will be free to download all available attachments, directly from each product page. Here you will find the "attached documents" section.

8. How can I become your distributor?

If you think we are the company that can meet your needs, we ask you to fill out the form you find here attaching your company's registration certificate or contact us via email at customerservice.kalentin@gmail.com. After verifying your requirements, we will contact you providing you all the information and details.

9. I just placed an order online but realized I forgot to add a product. What can I do?

Let us know as soon as you can. If your order has not yet been shipped, we can rectify it. We will contact you to make payment for the product thereafter; we will add the product to your order.