brow lamination

Brow lamination

The Kalentin brow lamination treatment uses our professional 4-step treatment system to sculpt and define the brow hairs in the desired shape. Perfect for fine brows to add volume whilst thicker brows can benefit from a more lifted and groomed look. The beauty of this treatment is that it treats the brow hair to a nourishing indulgence. Each client's brows are different and this treatment will certaintly enhance their definition uniquely!

The Kalentin Brow lamination kit is Vegan and perfect for salons wanting to offer a vegan & cruelty free brow treatment.

This dynamic new brow treatment has results lasting from 4-6 weeks.

  • Lotion & Cleanser

    Lotions & cleansers

    The Vegan 4-step Lamination system can be purchsed separately. Each bottle contains 15 ml of products and once opened can be used for a maximum of 3 months. In the range you'll find the Vegan brow bonding (No 1) which is applied to the entire brow area to sculpt the hair into the desired shape. The Vegan brow shaper (No 2) which breaks down the bonds in the brow hair and prepare them for the next step. The Vegan brow fixer (No 3) which fixes the broken bonds and the brows into their new sculpted position. The final step is the Vegan brow serum (No 4) which nourishes the brows and removes any tint/brow bonding residues from the treatment.

  • Accessories


    Kalentin brow lamination accessories range has everything you need for the brow treatment. From disposables, tape, brow scissors and brow combs to brushes. 

  • Kit


    The Kalentin Vegan brow lamination kit is registered with the Vegan Society. It contains the 4-step treatment system, protein remover pads and 2 boxes of disposables. The kit comes in our eco-sustable and stylish work station box that can be replenished when the products need to be replaced without harming the environment! The kit lasts for around 15-20 treatments and is a perfect buy for beginners and training academies wanting to use our highly esteemed vegan brow lamination range.

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