• Volume lashes

    Volume lashes

    The volume technique is the application of a fan made from 2-6 eyelash extensions onto one natural eyelash. Our comprehensive range gives lots of choice. We have our original Easy to fan eyelash range in curls J,B,C,D,D+,LC. They make creating fans easy as the strips have the minimum amount of glue to simplify the process and give added volume and definition to the lash line.

    Available in individual length and mixed boxes.

  • Mix length boxes

    Mix length boxes

    The volume technique is the application of a fan made from 2-6 eyelash extensions onto the natural eyelash.

    Available in mix length boxes from 7mm - 15mm. The mix trays are perfect to give you all the length you will need to uniquely map the lashes. Containing 12 lash strips. with 2 strips of the most popular length in 11mm, 12mm & 13mm.

  • Pre-fanned lashes

    Pre-fanned lashes

    Introducing our exquisite pre-fanned lashes collection! Elevate your lash game effortlessly with our range of ready-made fans designed for easy application, delivering a gorgeously volumized lash line.

    Available in captivating C & D curls, our pre-fanned lashes offer a versatile selection ranging from 2D to 6D. Streamline your lash application process and provide your clients with a quicker, more efficient treatment by eliminating the time-consuming fan creation step.

    Choose from both 0.10 & 0.07 thickness options, allowing you to craft a full set or seamlessly integrate the pre-fanned lashes with your handcrafted fans, perfect for those just starting out. Enhance your classic lash set by incorporating our pre-fanned lashes for a beautifully textured and dimensional finish.

    Experience the convenience and sophistication of our pre-fanned lashes – because every lash deserves to be effortlessly stunning!

  • Vari lashes

    Vari length lashes

    Vari eyelash extensions are volume lashes; however, with each lash strip there are varied lengths along the strip. When you create whatever size fan, you will see that the lengths are all different. This adds lots of fluffy texture to the volume fans and has a more 3D effect.

    Available in different sizes:

    -S containing: 7mm, 8mm and 9mm;

    -M containing: 10mm, 11mm and 12mm;

    -L containing: 11mm, 12mm and 13mm;

    -XL containing: 13mm, 14mm and 15mm.

  • Dark brown lashes

    Dark brown lashes

    Kalentin Rich Espresso line is designed to elevate your lash game beyond the conventional black. These velvety brown eyelash extensions are meticulously crafted to be sufficiently dark for definition, yet subtly distinct. This exquisite shade gracefully complements fair to light skin tones, enhancing the allure of lash definition.

    Immerse yourself in the softness and feather-light feel of the C Rich Espresso Eyelash Extension range, meticulously created to add a touch of uniqueness to your voluminous lash creations. The intense velvety brown color is ideal for clients with a fair/light complexion or those embracing the beauty of their natural lashes. Elevate your lash experience with the sophistication of our rich espresso hue.

  • Coloured lashes

    Coloured eyelashes

    Colour pop volume eyelash extensions are perfect for festivals, parties or just to add something different to your lash creations! Colour pop lashes are available in 2 vibrant colours, either a bright pink or a cobalt blue, which are both bold while perfectly emphasizing the lash line

    Available in 0.10 thickness and in D MIX and C MIX boxes.

  • Kit

    Volume eyelash extensions kit

    Kalentin volume eyelash extension kit is perfect for beginners wanting to ensure that they have the right tools to create amazing volume lash extensions. Ideal for training academies wanting to use our products in their training courses. 

    All the kit contents have been tested and carefully formulated to give only the highest quality. Our esteemed adhesive range has low sensitivity induction and low odour. The kits give you a chance to try all our trusted products & tools and is a more economical option than purchasing the products individually. 

  • Blooming Lashes

    New Blooming Eyelash Extensions

    Introducing our revolutionary Blooming Lashes, a game-changer for both novices and experts lash artists alike. Designed to streamline the process of lash creation, our innovative Blooming Lashes ensures effortless fan formation in mere seconds, ensuring consistently stunning results that maintain their shape.

    While mastering this technique may require a bit of practice, the payoff is immense. Experience first-hand the speed and precision with which you can craft flawless fans, thanks to this cutting-edge lash technology. Say goodbye to tedious, time-consuming methods – Blooming Lashes are here to simplify your workflow and maximize efficiency.

    Elevate your lash game with Blooming Lashes – where innovation meets perfection.

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Volume eyelash extensions

The volume technique involves the application of a fan made from 2-6 eyelash extensions onto one natural eyelash.

Our comprehensive range offers plenty of choices. We feature our original Easy-to-Fan eyelash range in curls J, B, C, D, D+, LC. These lashes make creating fans easy, as the strips have the minimum amount of glue to simplify the process and add volume and definition to the lash line. They are available in individual lengths and mixed boxes.

For a more unique lash creation, our Color Pop lash range is perfect. We offer a variety of pre-fanned volume lashes, ranging from 2D to 6D, which are ideal for adding volume without the need for self-assembly, saving precious time.

The ultra-rich Espresso range is designed for those seeking something a little different from standard black lashes. The velvety brown eyelash extensions are decadently crafted to be dark enough to define yet subtle enough to stand out. For a more textured look, the Vari lash range provides multiple lengths in every fan, giving a fluffy volume.

Our volume eyelash extensions kit is ideal for beginners and training academies looking to offer courses using our highly esteemed lash range.