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Brow lamination Lotions & cleansers

Kalentin's Vegan 4-step Lamination System, a revolutionary approach to achieving flawlessly sculpted and nourished brows, a meticulously crafted set of lotions and cleansers, designed to enhance the natural beauty of your brows.

Each bottle contains 15 ml of our specially formulated products. Also available in single-dose sachets

Vegan Brow Bonding (No 1). This lotion is delicately applied to the entire brow area, effortlessly sculpting the hair into the desired shape. 

Vegan Brow Shaper (No 2). The second step breaks down the bonds in the brow hair, preparing them for the subsequent steps of the lamination process. 

Vegan Brow Fixer (No 3). This remarkable solution not only fixes the broken bonds but also secures your brows into their newly sculpted position.

Vegan Brow Serum (No 4). As the fourth and final step, this serum nourishes your brows and delicately removes any tint or residue from the brow bonding treatment. 

Discover the full range of lotions and aftercares that Kalentin has created for you like the Lash shampoo, cleansing brush, remover pads along with the conditioning mask and Botox Hyluronic Serum