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The Kalentin vegan lash lift kit - code LASH0061 - is the first complete kit to be registered with the Vegan Society in the World! It contains the 4 step treatment system, the Genie lash lift tool, 30 silicon pads, 75 protein remover pads, 30 under eye patches and disposable cotton swabs, mascara brushes and remover sticks. Giving you 30 treatments it's a perfect purchase as a beginner or for training academies wanting to use our highly esteemed vegan lash lift range.

The new vegan lash lift kit - code LASH0072 - is the upgraded version where we added tint, activator and Baby stubborn bonging gel and replaced the remover pads with Lash shampoo. We also replaced the disposable tools with sterilizable handles. A even more sustainable kit!

What to do once the products in the kit are run out?

You can easily purchase the replenish pack A or B based on which kit you have. The kit box can be reused and filled with new fresh products, in this way we reduce waste!

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