strip theatrical

  • Feather


    The Kalentin Feather strip lash collection will brighten any look. Be creative and add a bold colour feather lash like Los Angeles to the fluttery, shimmery Vancouver. This collection will certainly add a vibrant edge to any lash line.

  • Decorated


    The Kalentin decorated strip lash range is a flamboyant collection with an array of colours, designs and pure indulgence. Let your imagination run wild.

  • Luminous


    The Kalentin Luminous strip lash collection is one to enjoy in the darkness. Intricate designs to add an air of mystery to your lash line.

  • Face masks

    Face mask

    The Kalentin Eyelid Masks are a sensational way to add drama to the eye area. Perfect for fancy dress, festivals and creative makeup looks.

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Strip theatrical

The Kalentin Theatrical strip lash range is a creatively vibrant collection. With so many varieties of texture, colour, lengths & decoration to choose from. The range includes eyelid masks, luminous lashes that glow in the dark to over-sized feathery creations. 

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