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Pre-treatment, primers, adhesives & removers

Enhancing the natural beauty of lashes begins with our meticulous Pre-Treatment, the initial step in ridding lashes of excess oils. This crucial process precedes the application of our Adhesive Primer.

Lash priming is pivotal to readying them for the subsequent application, effectively eliminating oils and dirt. Our primers come in the classic formula and a delightful strawberry version, renowned for its popularity.

Kalentin lash extensions glue range:

Clear Adhesive - clear

Maxi Power - black

Featuring an optimal drying time of 3–4 seconds, these adhesives are perfect for lash extension beginners, allowing ample time to achieve the perfect lash position.

Maxi Speed - black

Vegan Maxi Speed - black

Maxi Speed Adhesives stand out as our top-selling glues, catering to both classic and Russian volume eyelash extensions. With a swift drying time of 2-3 seconds, it's the preferred choice for both novices and seasoned professionals. Two variants are available: original and Vegan.

Premium Adhesive - black

With a rapid drying time of 1-2 seconds, the Premium Adhesive is designed for expert technicians, especially those working with volume fans.

Flash Adhesive - black

Our Flash Adhesive Black is a versatile choice for classic and Russian volume eyelash extensions. Drying in an impressive 1/2 seconds, it's the go-to option for experienced professionals.

1 Second Adhesive - black

Tailored for both classic and Russian volume eyelash extensions, our 1 Second Adhesive Black lives up to its name, drying in just 1 second. This adhesive is the ultimate pick for seasoned professionals seeking efficiency and precision.

And for when it's time to remove the lash extensions...

Kalentin provides two specialized products designed to effortlessly dissolve bonds. Our Adhesive Gel Remover, a clear gel, and the Coconut Adhesive Remover, distinguished by its purple hue and slightly thicker consistency, ensure a highly effective and gentle removal process, allowing you to pinpoint application areas with ease.