Primer, adhesives, removers

Primers, adhesives & removers

The best seller in the range is Maxi speed as it is the most versatile, drying in 2/3 seconds. It can be used for both classic & volume lash application. The maxi speed is also available in a Vegan option. Premium adhesive has a drying time of 1/2 seconds. Maxi power is 3/4 seconds with a black & clear option. If you need a super fast formula, the Easy fan adhesive is perfect for you, drying in only 1 second!

Priming the lashes is essential to prepare them for the lashes to be applied, removing oils and dirt. Primers are available in our original formula and we have a strawberry version too which is so popular!

For lash removals, we have 2 products that will dissolve the bond to remove the lashes effectively. Adhesive gel remover is a clear gel, whilst our Coconut adhesive remover is purple in colour with a slighlty thicker consistency that enables you to see exactly where you have used the product.

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