• individual lashes

    Individual lashes

    The Kalentin Individual Lash range has over 20 varieties to choose from. Also known as cluster, weekend or party lashes, the Kalentin individual lash collection is a simple, quick and effective way to add lots of volume to the lash line for a special occasion. The perfect alternative to semi-permanent eyelash extensions, the individual lashes are temporary and typically last 2/3 days.

    The Classic collection comes in 2 densities with 10 hairs per cluster or 20 hairs for a fuller look. Available in 4 lengths mini, short, medium & large.

    The Flat Knot & Knot free styles give a more texturised volume look. The Flat knot lashes have a flat base to seamlessly attach to the base of the lashline, giving a soft eyeliner effect. The knot free clusters have an almost invisible attachment to the lash line.

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  • strip by style

    Strip by style

    The entire Kalentin lash strip range is arranged here by 9 categories, so if you are looking for a volume texture strip lash or want to create a cat eye effect, then you can simply browse among our vast strip lash range!

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  • strip by color

    Strip by colour

    The Kalentin strip lash range includes black, brown and black/brown lashes. For more vibrant colour choices check our theatrical lash category!

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  • strip best sellers

    Strip best seller

    The best selling range is the perfect place to start for 'on trend' inspiration featuring our Top 20 range that our customers cant live without, our 3D texture faux mink range that instantly give fluffy volume to any lash line and our Wispie lash range.

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  • strip theatrical

    Strip theatrical

    The Kalentin Theatrical strip lash range is a creatively vibrant collection. With so many varieties of texture, colour, lengths & decoration to choose from. The range includes eyelid masks, luminous lashes that glow in the dark to over-sized feathery creations. 

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  • adhesive & tools

    Adhesive & tools

    The Kalentin strip lash accessories & tools range has everything you need to apply, store and prepare the lashes:

    Lash strip tester


    Clear adhesive


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Strip lashes

Introducing Kalentin Strip/Individual Lashes – where every flutter takes you on a journey around the globe! With over 250 creatively curated styles in our Strip lash range and a collection of more than 20 varieties of individual lashes, your lash game is about to reach new heights.

Each style is uniquely named after exotic places worldwide. Let your lashes transport you to the farthest corners of the Earth – where will your lashes take you?

Our best-selling Top 20 range, the epitome of "on-trend" inspiration. Featuring our luxurious 3D texture faux mink lashes, this collection adds instant fluffy volume to your lash line, ensuring you stay ahead in the fashion game.

Navigating through our lash categories is a breeze, offering options from lengthening lashes to vibrant color choices. Whether you're aiming for a subtle enhancement or a bold statement, we've got your lash needs covered.

For those craving a touch of drama and a burst of creativity, explore our theatrical range. Handmade with delicate feathers, adorned with dazzling diamante details, or glowing in the dark – the choices are as diverse as your imagination.

But why stop at lashes? Elevate your makeup game further with our eyelid lace masks, designed to add a touch of theatrical flair to any look. Unleash your inner artist and let Kalentin Strip/Individual Lashes redefine your beauty journey – because when it comes to lashes, the possibilities are limitless!

Individual lashes

Kalentin's Individual Lash range, offering an exquisite selection of over 20 varieties to suit your every desire. Whether you're gearing up for a glamorous night out, a weekend rendezvous, or an unforgettable party, these lashes, also known as cluster, weekend, or party lashes, are your go-to solution for a swift and stunning lash transformation.

Ditch the commitment of semi-permanent eyelash extensions and embrace the ephemeral beauty of Kalentin's individual lashes. Revel in the simplicity and efficiency of enhancing your lash line with voluminous allure, perfect for those special occasions that demand an extra touch of glamour. These lashes typically grace your gaze for a splendid 2 to 3 days, making them the ideal choice for a temporary but impactful enhancement.

The Classic collection, available in two densities, lets you customize your look with 10 or 20 hairs per cluster, ensuring a choice between a subtle enhancement or a bold, full-bodied flourish. Select from the range of 4 lengths—mini, short, medium, and large—to tailor your lash experience to perfection.

For those craving a textured volume look, Kalentin introduces the Flat Knot and Knot-Free styles.

The Flat Knot lashes boast a flat base that seamlessly adheres to the lash line, creating a soft eyeliner effect for an effortlessly chic appearance.

Meanwhile, the Knot-Free clusters offer an almost invisible attachment to the lash line, providing a natural look that captivates with its discreet charm.

Elevate your lash game with Kalentin's Individual Lash collection, where simplicity meets sophistication, and every blink becomes a captivating moment of beauty.

Kalentin offers a range of accessories and adhesives crafted to complement and elevate your individual lash application.

Our clear adhesive is the secret to a flawless and long-lasting hold. Specially formulated for individual lashes, it ensures a secure attachment while remaining gentle on your natural lashes. The quick-drying formula simplifies the application process, allowing you to achieve a professional finish with ease.

To aid in the precise placement of your lashes, Kalentin provides a useful applicator and a range of tweezers designed for effortless handling. These tools not only streamline the application process but also ensure a seamless blend of your individual lashes with your natural ones, creating a cohesive and natural-looking lash line.

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