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Made in Italy


Kalentin is a brand created by those who know beauty.

We would love to tell you all about us and how we have become the sustainable lash brand we are today. We are a global brand that cares about our customers, our products & the world we live in. We have over 60-Year Experience in the production of cosmetic products. We offer professional products for Lash Lift, Brow Lamination, Lash & Brow After-Care, Lash & Brow Tints, and so on.


Flutter into romance with a glamorous Valentine's look, complete with captivating Kalentin's 3D strip lash line

The uniqueness of this strip lashes is in the texture. They are multi-layered creating an amazing 3D voluminous effect, just like individual eyelash extensions. The fibers have a mink-like texture giving them a soft feel and elegant look. However, even though they look like mink lashes, the fibers are synthetic, in line with our vegan values! 🤩 Kalentin's 3D strip lash line features 5 different styles, to accommodate natural looks to more dramatic ones.✨

  • Pink Sands offers the most natural look out of the 5 styles. With a medium length and volume, this style is perfect to enhance a natural makeup.

  • Turquoise Beach offers a medium natural length similar to Pink Sands but with an intensified fullness for a deeper, more glamorous look.

  • Bondi Beach is the style we designed for lovers of the wispy look. These are great to re-create the style of hybrid eyelash extensions with subtle spikes to give fluffiness.

  • Cayo Coco is one of the fullest styles of the 3D range. They are a perfect blend of volume and fullness but with a touch of fluffiness.

  • Miami Beach is the fullest and most dramatic style of the 3D range. This is a must-have for lovers of mega volume eyelash extensions.


Have you already tried our new Blooming Eyelash Extensions?

Our new eyelash extensions are the perfect volume eyelash extension range for creating volume fans.

    • Dramatically volume effect
    • Reduces the application times of 50%
    • Super soft
    • Intense Black
    • Only for professionals

Our colorful eyelash extensions

Perfect for a glamorous look during your holidays