eye makeup

Eye makeup

Kalentin also offers more than 90 different eyeshadow shades, 7 for eyeliners and 3 types of mascara to intensify your eye look and state your personality with your eyes!

  • Eyeshadows


    Kalentin professional mineral eyeshadow range comes in more than 90 colours, giving you all that you need to let your creativity free! You can choose from the most neutral shades for a natural look, to the darkest for a bold or smoky one, or go bold with our vibrant and highly-pigmented coloured shadows!

  • Eye pencils

    Eye pencils

    Kalentin professional eye pencil range comes in a variety of shades to suit every look and make you stand out wherever you go!

  • Eyeliner


    Kalentin professional eyeliner range offers you a variety of colours perfect for every look and occasion, from the most classy black, to shiny golds and bold silvers!

  • Mascara


    Kalentin professional mascara has got your lashes covered! Whether you are looking for a voluminous look, a lengthening effect, or a more sensitive formula for your delicate eyes, we have it all.

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