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Kalentin precision eyelash extensions tweezers collection gives a versatile choice depending on what lash technique you are doing.

The range has a specific isolation tweezers to isolate the natural lashes (KK1, KK2, KK3 & KK4), while classic application tweezers are the KK5.

Our range of volume fans creating & application tweezers is designed to give lash techs a variety of ways to create fans. In particular, the KK6 is a delicate fan creation tweezer while the KK9 is most suitable to make larger fans.

The range has 2 new tweezers, the KK12 which is similar to the KK6 volume tweezer but with a smaller tip to create delicate fans and a flexi grip. The KK13 has a curved boot tip to make creating larger, mega volume fans effortless.