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  • 3D texture/vegan

    3D texture/vegan

    This 3D Faux mink collection is exotically named after dreamy beaches. The 3D texture lashes give a feathery, fluffy volume to really build the lash line. The faux mink range is cruelty free and vegan friendly. The lashes can be worn 10+ times.

  • Lengthening


    The lengthening strip lashes will amplify your lashes in an instant. With so many varieties to choose from our lash range will certainly extend your lash line.

  • Natural


    Our natural strip lashes are perfect for a more subtle definition. 

  • Volume


    The kalentin volume strip lash collection give a fuller look to the lash line.

  • Half & Under

    Half & under

    The half/under strip lashes are perfect if you are looking to add a more subtle definition to the outer corners of the lash line or to enhance the lower lashes.

  • Mink


    Kalentin Mink strip lashes are super volumising giving lots of texture to the lash line.

  • Diamante


    The Kalentin Diamante strip lash collection is perfect to add a magical sparkle to your lash line.

  • Super chic

    Super chic

    The Super chic strip lash collection is perfect if you are wanting to make a statement.

  • Cat eye effect

    Cat eye effect

    Our collection of Cat eye effect strip lashes will elongate your lash line effortlessly.

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Strip by style

The entire Kalentin lash strip range is arranged here by 9 categories, so if you are looking for a volume texture strip lash or want to create a cat eye effect, then you can simply browse among our vast strip lash range!

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