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Under eye patches

Eye patches play a crucial role in the field of eyelash treatments, providing a protective and comfortable solution for the lower lashes during various procedures. These patches are meticulously designed to meet the specific needs of both beauty professionals and clients. Here's a more detailed exploration of the features and benefits of eye patches used in eyelash treatments:

Eyepatches Purpose:

Eye patches are primarily employed to shield and safeguard the lower lashes during eyelash treatments. Whether it's eyelash extensions, tinting, or perming, these patches act as a barrier, preventing any products or adhesives from coming into contact with the lower lashes.

Material and Texture:

The patches are carefully crafted to be lint-free, ensuring a clean and smooth application. The absence of lint minimizes the risk of any fibers interfering with the treatment or causing irritation to the delicate eye area. The smooth texture adds to the comfort of the client during the application process.

Ease of Use:

Designed with user-friendliness in mind, these eye patches are easy to apply and remove. Beauty professionals appreciate the convenience of working with patches that adhere securely to the skin without causing discomfort or slipping during the treatment.

Packaging Options:

Eye patches are available in single pouches containing 1 pair or in boxes containing 10 pairs, catering to the needs of beauty salons and professionals who require larger quantities.

Size range:

To accommodate diverse eye shapes and sizes, eye patches are available in different sizes. The regular size is suitable for most clients, while a petite size may be preferable for those with smaller eyes. This variety ensures a customized and comfortable fit for every individual.

Gel and Fabric Options:

The range of eye patches extends beyond traditional options, including gel patches and fabric eye patches. Gel patches contain soothing properties, contributing to a more relaxing experience for the client. Fabric eye patches, on the other hand, offer a breathable alternative that adds to overall comfort.