eyebrow extension

Brow extension

The Kalentin professional Eyebrow extension range uses our highly esteemed products and tools for this hugely popular brow treatment. The Kalentin eyebrow extensions are available in a straight or slightly rounded curl and are added to the brows using our specially formulated Maxi brow adhesive. Once applied, the eyebrow extensions can add structure and depth to the brow. Available in a range of colors: black, dark brown and brown that can be blended to define any brow.

  • Brow extension

    Brow extension

    The Kalentin Brow extension range gives you everything you need to apply brow extensions! Our range comes in 3 true to brow colour shades: black, dark brown and brown. You can choose from our 2 curl options which come in straight and "I" for a slightly more curled finish. Depending on the type of brows your client has you can decide which curl will most suit them!

    For those looking for our full collection, our comprehensive kit is the perfect option! The Kalentin Brow extension kit has all our brow extension varietes, our specifically formulated Maxi brow adhesive, full tint collection with oxidants, brow application tweezers & disposables. The kits are ideal for training academies that want to offer sessions using our highly esteemed brow extension range.

  • Liquids & Tools

    Liquids & tools

    The Kalentin Brow Extension product range offers an assortment of all the essentials needed to apply brow extensions. Our specifically formulated brow adhesive Maxi brow is safe to use on the delicate brow hairs and skin. From brow scissors ro our vast disposable selection, we've got you fully covered!

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