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    Brow extensions

    Our carefully curated range is available in three authentic shades: black, dark brown, and brown and in two distinctive curl options – the sleek straight and the elegantly curled "I" shape. Tailor the perfect look for your clients by selecting the curl that complements their unique brow style!

    For those seeking the epitome of brow perfection, indulge in our complete collection with the Kalentin Brow Extensions Kit. This all-inclusive kit features our diverse brow extension varieties, the specially formulated Maxi Brow Adhesive for long-lasting hold, three exquisite tint shades with oxidants for a personalized touch, precision brow application tweezers, and disposable essentials. Ideal for training academies, our kits provide an unparalleled opportunity to showcase the excellence of the Kalentin Brow Extensions range during instructional sessions. Elevate your brow artistry with Kalentin – where beauty meets precision!

  • Liquids & Tools

    Eyebrows Liquids & tools

    A wide range of accessories and tools designed to provide you with all the essentials for effortlessly applying brow extensions. Our meticulously crafted brow extensions glue, formulated with utmost care, ensures a safe and gentle application on delicate brow hairs and skin.

    Explore our curated collection, including precision brow scissors and an extensive array of disposable tools, to ensure that every detail of your brow extension experience is seamlessly covered with sophistication and ease!

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Brow extensions

Transform your brows into a work of art with Kalentin Professional Eyebrow Extensions! Elevate your brow game with our top-notch products and tools designed for the ultimate brow transformation. Whether you prefer a straight, bold look or a subtly rounded curl, our eyebrow extensions are the secret weapon you need.

Crafted with precision and care, Kalentin's eyebrow extensions boast a seamless application process using our specially formulated Maxi Brow Adhesive. This adhesive ensures a long-lasting hold, allowing you to flaunt your perfectly defined brows with confidence.

Say goodbye to flat and lifeless brows – our extensions add not only length but also structure and depth, giving your brows a stunning, natural appearance. Choose from a spectrum of colors, including classic black, dark brown, and brown, to tailor your look and create a customized blend that suits your unique style.

Indulge in the beauty of expressive brows that turn heads and make a statement. Kalentin Professional Eyebrow Extensions are your ticket to achieving the brows you've always dreamed of – bold, beautiful, and absolutely captivating. Elevate your brow game with Kalentin – where beauty meets perfection!