• Primer, adhesives, removers

    Pre-treatment, primers, adhesives & removers

    Enhancing the natural beauty of lashes begins with our meticulous Pre-Treatment, the initial step in ridding lashes of excess oils. This crucial process precedes the application of our Adhesive Primer.

    Lash priming is pivotal to readying them for the subsequent application, effectively eliminating oils and dirt. Our primers come in the classic formula and a delightful strawberry version, renowned for its popularity.

    Kalentin lash extensions glue range:

    Clear Adhesive - clear

    Maxi Power - black

    Featuring an optimal drying time of 3–4 seconds, these adhesives are perfect for lash extension beginners, allowing ample time to achieve the perfect lash position.

    Maxi Speed - black

    Vegan Maxi Speed - black

    Maxi Speed Adhesives stand out as our top-selling glues, catering to both classic and Russian volume eyelash extensions. With a swift drying time of 2-3 seconds, it's the preferred choice for both novices and seasoned professionals. Two variants are available: original and Vegan.

    Premium Adhesive - black

    With a rapid drying time of 1-2 seconds, the Premium Adhesive is designed for expert technicians, especially those working with volume fans.

    Flash Adhesive - black

    Our Flash Adhesive Black is a versatile choice for classic and Russian volume eyelash extensions. Drying in an impressive 1/2 seconds, it's the go-to option for experienced professionals.

    1 Second Adhesive - black

    Tailored for both classic and Russian volume eyelash extensions, our 1 Second Adhesive Black lives up to its name, drying in just 1 second. This adhesive is the ultimate pick for seasoned professionals seeking efficiency and precision.

    And for when it's time to remove the lash extensions...

    Kalentin provides two specialized products designed to effortlessly dissolve bonds. Our Adhesive Gel Remover, a clear gel, and the Coconut Adhesive Remover, distinguished by its purple hue and slightly thicker consistency, ensure a highly effective and gentle removal process, allowing you to pinpoint application areas with ease.

  • Eyepatches

    Under eye patches

    Eye patches play a crucial role in the field of eyelash treatments, providing a protective and comfortable solution for the lower lashes during various procedures. These patches are meticulously designed to meet the specific needs of both beauty professionals and clients. Here's a more detailed exploration of the features and benefits of eye patches used in eyelash treatments:

    Eyepatches Purpose:

    Eye patches are primarily employed to shield and safeguard the lower lashes during eyelash treatments. Whether it's eyelash extensions, tinting, or perming, these patches act as a barrier, preventing any products or adhesives from coming into contact with the lower lashes.

    Material and Texture:

    The patches are carefully crafted to be lint-free, ensuring a clean and smooth application. The absence of lint minimizes the risk of any fibers interfering with the treatment or causing irritation to the delicate eye area. The smooth texture adds to the comfort of the client during the application process.

    Ease of Use:

    Designed with user-friendliness in mind, these eye patches are easy to apply and remove. Beauty professionals appreciate the convenience of working with patches that adhere securely to the skin without causing discomfort or slipping during the treatment.

    Packaging Options:

    Eye patches are available in single pouches containing 1 pair or in boxes containing 10 pairs, catering to the needs of beauty salons and professionals who require larger quantities.

    Size range:

    To accommodate diverse eye shapes and sizes, eye patches are available in different sizes. The regular size is suitable for most clients, while a petite size may be preferable for those with smaller eyes. This variety ensures a customized and comfortable fit for every individual.

    Gel and Fabric Options:

    The range of eye patches extends beyond traditional options, including gel patches and fabric eye patches. Gel patches contain soothing properties, contributing to a more relaxing experience for the client. Fabric eye patches, on the other hand, offer a breathable alternative that adds to overall comfort.

  • Tweezers


    Kalentin precision eyelash extensions tweezers collection gives a versatile choice depending on what lash technique you are doing.

    The range has a specific isolation tweezers to isolate the natural lashes (KK1, KK2, KK3 & KK4), while classic application tweezers are the KK5.

    Our range of volume fans creating & application tweezers is designed to give lash techs a variety of ways to create fans. In particular, the KK6 is a delicate fan creation tweezer while the KK9 is most suitable to make larger fans.

    The range has 2 new tweezers, the KK12 which is similar to the KK6 volume tweezer but with a smaller tip to create delicate fans and a flexi grip. The KK13 has a curved boot tip to make creating larger, mega volume fans effortless.

  • Tools / accessories

    Tools / accessories

    We have thought of everything you will need to create your lash designs with ease.

    You will find our range of innovative products to make life easier, from our lash pad collection to stylish tweezer cases. Along with all the usual lash essentials that you don't want to run out of, such as micro brushes, glue rings & paper tape.

  • Training tools

    Training tools

    Kalentin offers all the essential when you are newly qualified to practice the technique to build your confidence and skills. 

    Our practice lashes are uniquely made to mimic the natural lashes to give a better feel when practicing the application of eyelash extensions. Our flat mannequin head gives more versatility to practice anywhere, anytime.

    Our products, your rules!

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Liquids & Tools for eyelashes

Explore the world of Kalentin's eyelash extension products, where excellence meets innovation in the realm of liquids and tools. Our meticulously crafted product range offers a comprehensive solution for every aspect of your lash design journey. Immerse yourself in the thoughtfully designed adhesives, primers and removers strategically formulated to ensure minimal sensitivity and odour in the delicate eye area.

Our hand-tested tweezer range, boasting 13 carefully curated options to cater to your unique needs. At Kalentin, we are committed to continuous improvement, tirelessly enhancing our products to elevate your experience.

From the durability of our eye patches to the efficiency of our training products, we are dedicated to making your treatments not just easier but also faster and more economical. Trust Kalentin to redefine excellence in eyelash extensions – where every detail is designed to empower your creativity and enhance your artistry.