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  • Vegan eyebrow tints

    Vegan eyebrow tints

    Kalentin offers a fabulous range of products that cater to the diverse needs of its clientele. Among the most intriguing offerings are eyelash and eyebrow dyes available in two different lines. With a constant commitment to quality, innovation, and inclusivity, Kalentin has established itself as a reliable brand for both professionals and enthusiasts.

    Kalentin's Vegan Line of Eyelash and Eyebrow Dyes

    In response to the growing demand for ethical and sustainable beauty products, Kalentin has introduced its vegan line of eyelash and eyebrow dyes, fully registered with the Vegan Society. Formulated without animal-derived ingredients, such as beeswax, the vegan eyelash and eyebrow dye were created to provide high-quality treatments. The wide range of available colors, precisely five, meets the strict criteria of vegan values, ensuring impeccable and long-lasting results.

    Available in 30ml tube - up to 50 treatments - once opened will last for 12 months

    Recently, Kalentin has enriched its line with five new eyelash and eyebrow dyes, revolutionizing the beauty industry with an exclusive formula. This new dye is free of PPD and resorcinol, two commonly used ingredients in tinting products. In addition to offering vibrant and long-lasting colors, Kalentin's new eyelash and eyebrow dyes ensure a dermatologically tested solution for sensitive skin.

    Available in 10ml poach - up to 15 treatments - once opened will last for 6 months

    Lash and brow tint: How to Apply

    What sets Kalentin's eyelash and eyebrow dyes apart is their versatility and ease of use. Suitable for both professional salon treatments and home applications, Kalentin's eyelash and eyebrow dye allow people to achieve salon-quality results with minimal effort.

    The application of the eyelash and eyebrow dye, pre-mixed in a 1:1 ratio with the appropriate developer (classic or vegan), is a simple yet effective process for achieving stunning results. After preparing the dye following the instructions, it is applied precisely to the desired area with a microbrush. Once the processing time has elapsed—6-8 minutes for post-lamination eyelashes and eyebrows and 10-15 minutes for non-laminated eyelashes and eyebrows—the dye is removed with a cotton brush. With the right technique and quality products like those offered by Kalentin, the application of eyelash and eyebrow dye becomes a crucial step for natural and impactful beauty.

  • Original eyebrow tints

    Kalentin's Classic lash and brow tints

    Step into the world of refined beauty with Kalentin's Classic Line of Eyelash and Eyebrow Dyes. This exceptional range effortlessly embodies both grace and efficacy, featuring meticulously crafted formulations using top-tier ingredients for enduring results and a burst of vibrant color.

    Discover the richness of Kalentin's Eyelash & Eyebrow tint palette, offering five super-pigmented shades: Intense Black, Blue/Black, Brown, Light Brown, and Graphite. Each tube generously provides 50 treatment applications, ensuring a prolonged touch of sophistication. For an optimal application, we recommend seamlessly blending with Kalentin Oxidant Cream in a balanced 1:1 ratio. Elevate your beauty ritual with the timeless appeal of Kalentin's Classic Line.

  • Magic eyebrow definer

    Eyebrow makeup: choose Magic Eyebrow Definer

    Choosing an eyebrow eyeshadow like Magic Eyebrow Definer is essential for achieving a flawless and long-lasting look in your everyday makeup routine. Kalentin offers a wide range of eyebrow eyeshadows, formulated to provide enhanced and long-lasting definition to your eyebrows, ensuring a completely natural appearance.

    The unique texture of this eyebrow eyeshadow, halfway between a gel and a powder, allows for easy application and long wear, enabling you to shape and fill in your eyebrows with precision and ease. The product is best applied with the Magic Eyebrow Definer Brush, whose delicate bristles allow for precise outlining and filling of the eyebrows.

    The formulation of these eyebrow eyeshadows also ensures a uniform and matte finish, preventing the eyebrows from looking overly shiny or heavy. Thanks to the variety of shades available (brown, chestnut, brunette, dark brown, dark grey, anthracite, and black), you can easily find the perfect eyebrow gel eyeshadow to match your natural eyebrow color, creating a harmonious and natural look.

    Available individually, in a kit, or in a complete palette, Kalentin's Magic Eyebrow Definer eyeshadows guarantee excellent performance: with each application, the eyebrows appear fuller, defined, and well-groomed, while still maintaining a natural and refined look. Designed for industry professionals and makeup enthusiasts, these eyebrow eyeshadows are an essential addition to your daily beauty routine, allowing you to achieve impeccable eyebrows day after day.

  • Accessories


    Kalentin Brow definition accessories range has everything you need for your brow treatment. From brow scissors, combs & brushes to our fabulous unsung hero the Magic eyebrow definer brush!

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Brow definition

Kalentin's Eyebrow Definition Range offers the perfect solution to provide a wow factor to your eyebrows!

Kalentin's Mineral Magic Eyebrow Definer for a seamless sculpting experience that transcends conventional beauty standards.

The power of our gel formula that effortlessly shapes defines your brows with a matte finish that adapts to your desired intensity. This isn't just makeup; it's a statement of self-expression, offering the freedom to embrace a bold, audacious look or a more understated, natural effect.

Kalentin also proudly offer:

- classic formula of Brow Tint, offering a spectrum of shades that complement every skin tone, packaged in a convenient 30ml tube, each unit offers up to 50 treatments, maintaining its efficacy for a substantial 12-month period after opening.

- Vegan Brow tints  a range of eyelash and eyebrow dyes that have earned full accreditation from the Vegan Society. Crafted without any animal-derived components, including beeswax, these vegan dyes have been meticulously designed to deliver top-notch treatments. With a palette of precisely five distinct colors, Kalentin meets the stringent criteria of vegan values, guaranteeing flawless and enduring results. Packaged in a convenient 30ml tube, each unit offers up to 50 treatments, maintaining its efficacy for a substantial 12-month period after opening.

In a groundbreaking move, Kalentin has expanded its collection with five brand-new eyelash and eyebrow dyes, revolutionizing the beauty landscape with an exclusive formula. This innovative dye is devoid of PPD and resorcinol, two commonly found ingredients in tinting products. Beyond delivering vivid and enduring hues, Kalentin's fresh additions ensure a dermatologically tested solution suitable for even the most sensitive skin types.

Packaged in a practical 10ml poach, each unit provides up to 15 treatments and retains its effectiveness for a respectable 6-month duration after opening.

That's not all! Kalentin has all the brow tools and accessories you need! Discover here the range which also include 3 eyebrows pencils