• original lash lift

    Introducing the Original Kalentin Lash Lift: A Revolutionary Alternative to Eyelash Extensions

    The Original Kalentin lash lift range stands as a ground-breaking solution for those seeking an alternative to traditional eyelash extensions. Our meticulously crafted 4-step treatment system not only elevates natural lashes but also nourishes them with a potent blend of ingredients, including Hyaluronic acid, Keratin, and Panthenol. This comprehensive range comprises the essential 4-step system, the indispensable Genie lash lift tool, protein remover pads and Cleansing foam for lash preparation, silicone pads in various sizes (S, M, L), and convenient treatment disposables – all available for individual purchase or as part of a comprehensive kit.

    At the heart of our lash lift experience are our 4 steps: Bonding gel, Lifting balm, Volume fixer and Moisturizing serum.

    The patented Genie lash lift tool, is the hero product that lash technicians simply can't imagine their work without. Boasting intricately designed grooves, this tool lifts lashes with precision, streamlining the process and making the technician's life significantly easier. Available both for right and left hands.

    To ensure optimal results, our treatment is fortified with a blend of power-packed ingredients, each contributing to the health and beauty of natural lashes. Hyaluronic acid provides deep hydration, Keratin strengthens and fortifies, and Panthenol nurtures lashes for a luxurious finish.

    Whether you choose to invest in individual components or opt for the complete kit, the Kalentin lash lift range promises remarkable results that endure for up to six weeks. Elevate your lash game with our innovative and effective solution. 

  • vegan lash lift

    Vegan Lash Lift: the animal-friendly alternative

    Kalentin's extensive range of vegan lash lifting products is registered with The Vegan Society, the world's first and most recognized accreditation organization. The vegan and cruelty-free formulation meets the strict criteria of vegan values, from ingredients to meticulous control of all production steps.

    Crafted from plant-based and sustainable ingredients and minimizing the environmental impact, the use of vegan formulations ensures that no animal by-products are involved, promoting a compassionate approach to beauty.

    Vegan Lash Lift: the essential products

    The treatment, divided into 4 steps, involves the use of multiple products, available for individual purchase or within a kit or set. From preparation to the final touch, our comprehensive range provides vegan and cruelty-free solutions: from products designed for excellent cleansing, such as vegan protein removers pads ideal for gently cleaning lashes, to the vegan cleansing kit for lashes and brows.

    We offer a wide range of adhesives, including Baby Stubborn Lashes Bonding gel and Lemon Strength Adhesive, vegan wax-free tints, and post-treatment products such as Hyaluronic Lash and Brow Filler serum and our softening and nourishing Lash and Brow Mask.

    Choosing Vegan Lash Lifts represents a positive shift towards cruelty-free and sustainable beauty practices. This trend not only satisfies the growing demand for ethical choices but also showcases that beauty can be enhanced without compromising on values. As the beauty industry evolves, Vegan Lash Lifts stand as a testament to the harmonious blend of aesthetics, ethics, and environmental consciousness.

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What is a Lash lift?

Eyelashes frame our eyes, and what better way to enhance them than with eyelash lamination, an innovative aesthetic treatment in the beauty industry based on keratin and vitamins designed to naturally curl the lashes. A perfect alternative to traditional eyelash curlers or eyelash extension treatments, Kalentin's Lash lift treatment specifically designed for a dual action, focusing on creating both more curved and longer lashes while also addressing the regeneration and nourishment of natural lashes. Active ingredients such as keratin, chamomile, hyaluronic acid, and panthenol are incorporated to provide regenerative functions, aiming to achieve healthier, revitalized, and softer lashes. Discover here our two variants: Original and Vegan

How does the lash lift works:

The treatment is divided into four fundamental steps, involving the use and application of multiple products. The products used require specific application times crucial for achieving excellent results. For this reason, we always recommend consulting a professional or taking a course before using our products to better understand the structure of the hair, which naturally varies for different types of lashes.

The treatment begins with a thorough cleansing of the eye, a crucial step not to be overlooked. In case of makeup residue, we recommend using a cleansing mousse. The process continues with the isolation of the lower lashes using special eye patches and the application of a silicone pad on the eyelid with the BONDING GEL. Choosing the right silicone pad is crucial for achieving the desired result. The first step focuses on the curling of the lashes: after properly adhering the lashes to the silicone pad and allowing a few moments for perfect drying, the LIFTING BALM is applied. After the recommended setting time for LIFTING BALM, it is removed with a dry, clean brush, and the VOLUME FIXER is applied. Once the setting time for VOLUME FIXER has passed, tint can be applied: the black-blue coloration is perfect for a mascara effect. How to prepare it? Simply mix the tint with oxygen in equal parts and apply it on the lashes. After the tint setting time, remove it with a brush and then apply the MOISTURISING SERUM on the entire length of the lashes, leaving it to act. After approximately three minutes, use a micro-brush to gently remove the lashes from the silicone pads. Use the MOISTURISING SERUM again to detach the silicone pads from the eyelids. 

Professional eyelash lamination courses: 

Kalentin offers the opportunity to attend professional courses both in person and online. Our teachers are serious, passionate, and competent professionals with years of field experience. Many of them hold certification from the Guild of Beauty Therapist, obtained through our English academy. For more ambitious learners, Kalentin provides the opportunity to deepen their learning path by attending customized "advanced teaching courses," enabling them to teach the Kalentin technique in eyelash lamination courses.

Can anyone get a Lash lift?

As a nourishing and cumulative treatment, eyelash lamination is suitable not only for those seeking a more seductive look but also for those with poorly curled, unruly, damaged, and thin lashes. Recommended for both women and men, eyelash lamination is also suitable for those looking for a more natural alternative to eyelash extension treatments.

It is essential to rely on qualified personnel using professional and preferably certified products who know exactly how to address individual customer needs.

How long does a lash lift last:

The effect of Lash Lift is highly subjective and can last up to 6-8 weeks, depending on individual lash growth cycles. It is advisable to repeat the treatment approximately every 4-6 weeks to avoid excessive stress on the hair.

Lash lift aftercare:

Follow a few simple rules in the next 24 hours: it is crucial NOT to wet the lashes with water (avoiding steam, showers, spray tanning treatments, saunas, pools, and hot tubs). We also advise against the use of makeup removers and makeup, taking care not to rub or pull the lashes for the first 24 hours, as this may compromise the treatment's effect. Once these precautions are followed in the first 24 hours, you can return to your daily beauty routine! 

We recommend our FILLER HYALURONIC lash and brow serum, an advanced product for volumizing, hydrating, nourishing, and regenerating lashes and brows. Designed for daily use, it is recommended after undergoing eyelash or eyebrow lamination or during a period of "rest" from eyelash extensions."

Lash lift tools and accessories:

In addition to offering a wide range of kits and sets, Kalentin's product line includes a 4-steps system, the patented Genie tool, degreasing pads for lash preparation, silicone curlers in sizes XS, S, M, L, and all necessary treatment accessories and tools available be purchased individually. Kalentin's eyelash lamination products are 100% Made in Italy, certified cosmetics, and ophthalmologically tested.