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Lash lift lotions

The original 4 step lash lift treatment system can be purchased separately. Each bottle contains 15 ml of product are is designed to give 30 treatments. In the range you'll find the Express bonding gel (No 1) to apply the silicon pads to the eyelids and to attach the lashes to it. The Quick action lifting balm (No 2) to break the bonds in the lash hair and prepare the lashes for the next step. The Volume fixer (No 3) is then used to fix back the hair and the lashes into their new lifted position. The final step is then the Moisturising serum (No 4) which nourishes the lashes and removes any tint/bonding gel residues.

For reusable silicon pads we have our silicon pad sanitizer to ensure the highest standards fo hygene are maintained for this treatment.