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Classic lashes

Classic eyelash extensions are a popular choice for enhancing the length, curl, and thickness of natural lashes. In this technique, a single extension is applied to each individual natural lash, creating a more subtle and natural look compared to volume or hybrid lash extensions.

Our premium super soft range has 6 curl choices to give versatility to the lash techs.

Here are some common curl types:

C curl: This curl type provides a great lifting effect, especially for lashes that grow horizontally or have a slight downward inclination

J Curl: These closely follow the natural curl direction of our lashes, providing a more natural and subtle appearance.

B Curl: This curl type offers slightly more volume compared to J curls, giving a bit more lift and definition to the lashes.

D & D+ Curl: These are enhanced curls that provide a significant increase in volume and definition. They create a bolder, more dramatic look.

LC curl: Specifically designed for downward-growing lashes, the LC option features an angled tip that has a lifting effect on the lash line. This helps to open up the eyes and create a more lifted appearance.

Versatility for Lash Technicians: Classic lashes provide lash technicians with the flexibility to customize the look based on the client's preferences and natural lash characteristics. The variety of curls allows for a range of styles, from natural to more dramatic and voluminous.

Lifting Effect: The LC option, in particular, is designed to address downward-growing lashes, ensuring a lifted and flattering result.