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Enhance your gaze with Kalentin eyeshadows.

Discover the exceptional collection of Kalentin eyeshadows, a true celebration of beauty and makeup made in Italy.

With a wide range of over 90 colors, from the delicacy of a soft pink eyeshadow to the intensity of an electric blue eyeshadow, Kalentin offers everything you need to create a unique and extraordinary eye look.

Our eyeshadows are formulated with high quality pigments that guarantee vibrant and intense color payoff with just one swipe. The silky and blendable texture of a Kalentin eyeshadow effortlessly merges into the skin, allowing you to create flawless blends. Whether you are looking for a natural and luminous look for the day or a bold and impactful eye makeup for the evening, each Kalentin eyeshadow offers you the opportunity and versatility to achieve any eye makeup look.

Please note that our eyeshadows come in individual pots only, but the palette can be purchased separately giving you the freedom to create your own palette with your favourite shades.

Our range of eyeshadows is designed to suit every skin tone and eye color: whether for a classic and sophisticated look or a more daring eye makeup, from seductive smokey looks to glamorous shades, each Kalentin eyeshadow allows you to express your unique style.

Green eyes makeup: suitable colors

To enhance and emphasize green eyes, it is important to recognize the shades that best complement your gaze: the ideal eyeshadow is a complementary shade that creates contrast and enhances the unique beauty of your eyes.

In your choice of eyeshadows, shades of purple, plum, and lavender should definitely not be missing: colors like Bangka, Stromboli, Lipari, are ideal for further emphasizing your gaze, making it truly enigmatic.

Even a nude and natural makeup is able to enhance your gaze: bronze, gold, copper, and warm brown shades are excellent choices to highlight the green of your eyes, creating a luminous and captivating effect. Eyeshadows like Mykonos and Lanai are ideal for creating a light eye makeup, capable of making you shine in every occasion.

Ideal eyeshadows to enhance blue eyes

Beauty addicts know that the colors that enhance the natural tones of the iris are those opposite to them.

For blue eyes, the right eye makeup can transform an already captivating look into a masterpiece. To highlight this unique shade, opt for warm tones that enhance the natural brightness of the eyes.

All shades ranging from orange to peach for a glamour eye makeup, from browns to golden colors for a more natural look, are able to make your blues shine: choose eyeshadows like Ischia, Grenada, Siberia. With a few simple steps, you will be able to create an eye makeup that enhances your natural beauty.