The Kalentin eyebrow range offers 3 professional treatment options.

Brow lamination is a 4 step treatment system to sculpt the brows by lifting them together with nourishing ingredients to strengthen the brows, while our super-pigmented tints will give them definition. This treatment is also registered with the Vegan Society!

Eyebrow extensions are perfect to add volume and fill in gaps for sparse brows, available in black, brown and dark brown with a super realistic effect. Applied with our specifically formulated brow adhesive that is safe and delicate enough to come in contact with the skin

The Kalentin Eyebrow definition range uses our Magic eyebrow definer products for daily use to define, sculpt and darken the brows. The gel formula dries to a matte finish that is versatile enough to be blended to achieve a strong, bold look or a more natural effect! Available in 8 colors.

  • brow lamination

    Brow lamination

    The Kalentin brow lamination treatment uses our professional 4-step treatment system to sculpt and define the brow hairs in the desired shape. Perfect for fine brows to add volume whilst thicker brows can benefit from a more lifted and groomed look. The beauty of this treatment is that it treats the brow hair to a nourishing indulgence. Each client's brows are different and this treatment will certaintly enhance their definition uniquely!

    The Kalentin Brow lamination kit is Vegan and perfect for salons wanting to offer a vegan & cruelty free brow treatment.

    This dynamic new brow treatment has results lasting from 4-6 weeks.

  • brow definition

    Brow definition

    The kalentin professional Brow Definition range has our original & vegan tint collections to define the brows. 10 colours to choose from to perfectly compliment your style and natural tones. Our tints last around 3/4 weeks.

    The Magic Eyebrow Definer, a gel texture brow product which drys to a matte finish. It is super easy to apply with the Magic Definer Eyebrow Brush, perfectly shaped to outline and fill in the brow shape. There are 8 brow shades to choose from, ideal for makeup artists to use in their kit with a palette to store the full collection.

    Together with the brow definition products and tools we have everything you need to offer the most on-trend brow treatments.

  • eyebrow extension

    Brow extension

    The Kalentin professional Eyebrow extension range uses our highly esteemed products and tools for this hugely popular brow treatment. The Kalentin eyebrow extensions are available in a straight or slightly rounded curl and are added to the brows using our specially formulated Maxi brow adhesive. Once applied, the eyebrow extensions can add structure and depth to the brow. Available in a range of colors: black, dark brown and brown that can be blended to define any brow.

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