• face makeup

    Face makeup

    Find the perfect make up for a flawless base among our primers, foundations, concealers, powders, blushes and highlighters. A beautiful skin base will work as a perfect canvas for the rest of the make up look!

  • eye makeup

    Eye makeup

    Kalentin also offers more than 90 different eyeshadow shades, 7 for eyeliners and 3 types of mascara to intensify your eye look and state your personality with your eyes!

  • lip makeup

    Lip makeup

    Kalentin professional matte and shine lipsticks range comes in a variety of shades to give your look that bold, classy or natural touch depending on the occasion, along with our lip pencils which are a must to give your lips that perfect volume and definition.

  • accessories


    Kalentin professional makeup accesories range has everything you need to apply your makeup flawlessly, from brushes to makeup sponges. We also designed our practical palettes to let you mix and match all your favourite makeup products such as eyeshadows in a single, stylish magnetic palette to take around and make your life easier!

  • Eye cream
  • Face cream

    Kalentin is a professional brand focused on innovation and sustainability. We offer high quality, professional, and made in Italy face creams.

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Discover Kalentin's Make up products and tools

Step into the world of Kalentin Make up, where beauty meets expertise in a symphony of professional-grade products designed to elevate your makeup experience. Crafted for both discerning professionals and beauty enthusiasts, our range embodies innovation, quality, and versatility.

For makeup professionals who demand nothing but the best in their toolkit, Kalentin offers a collection that seamlessly combines practicality with artistic freedom. Our travel-sized essentials ensure that you are always prepared for any makeup challenge, no matter where your profession takes you. Furthermore, the magnetic palettes redefine personalization, allowing you to curate a bespoke kit with blushes, powders, foundations, and highlighters tailored to your client's unique needs.

In the fast-paced world of beauty professionals, efficiency is paramount. Kalentin understands this, providing a range that not only meets the highest standards but also adapts to your dynamic lifestyle. Our products are meticulously designed to offer both speed and precision, allowing you to create flawless looks with ease.

For the beauty-conscious public, Kalentin extends an invitation to explore a world where makeup is not just a routine but an expression of individuality. The matt and shine lipsticks, available in a diverse range of shades, are formulated to suit every occasion and mood. Complement your look with lip pencils that guarantee the perfect blend of volume and definition, ensuring your lips are the epitome of perfection.

Our commitment to meeting diverse needs continues with an extensive eyeshadow palette featuring over 90 shades, along with eyeliner and mascara crafted for both simplicity and sophistication. Whether you seek a professional touch or desire to unleash your creativity at home, Kalentin has something for everyone.

From foundation brushes that effortlessly blend and buff to eyeshadow brushes that allow for intricate detailing, Kalentin's makeup brush collection is a testament to our dedication to providing tools that meet the diverse needs of the beauty world. Each brush is thoughtfully designed to cater to different textures and formulas, ensuring optimal performance with every stroke.

Whether you're a makeup artist sculpting a masterpiece or an individual perfecting your daily routine, our brush range offers the versatility needed to achieve a flawless finish. Embrace the tactile experience of our brushes as they become an extension of your creativity, enabling you to achieve professional results with ease.

We’ve also got your eyebrows covered with our Eyebrow pencils and  Magic Eyebrow Definer, a Kalentin unique creation between a brow shadow, pencil and gel to define, colour and draw your desired brow shape. And don’t worry, a good make up remover will get rid of it without leaving residues behind!

Our makeup collection also includes foundation, concealer, and skin primer. These essential products provide a flawless base for your makeup application. The foundation helps even out skin tone and provides a smooth canvas, while the concealer effectively covers any blemishes or imperfections. To ensure long-lasting makeup and a seamless finish, our skin primer creates the perfect surface for the application of other makeup products. With these additional items, you can achieve a polished and radiant look that lasts throughout the day.

Elevate your makeup journey with Kalentin – where professionalism meets personalization, and every application is a brushstroke of artistic excellence. Welcome to a world where makeup transcends routine, and beauty is an ever-evolving masterpiece.