1. Why has lamination NOT given the desired results?

It may happen that the customer is not satisfied with the final result of the lamination treatment.

What can this be due to?
- The thickness of the eyelashes, very thick eyelashes tend to obtain excellent results only after a
second or third session. This is because eyelash lamination is a cumulative treatment, so the curvature of the eyelashes improves with the number of sessions.

- Excessive use of glue, the glue to glue the eyelashes to the silicone, if too much, can turn into a barrier, not allowing the correct penetration of the products.

- Choice of the wrong curler or bad positioning, which does not allow the lashes to be given an intense curvature to the lashes..

2. When not to do eyelash lamination?

There are no particular contraindications for eyelash lamination treatment. However, we do not recommend applications to pregnant or breastfeeding women (unless with certification from the attending physician) and to those who suffer from particular disorders, diseases or allergies to the eye or eyelid.

3. What NOT to do after lamination?

In the 24 hours following the treatment it is ABSOLUTELY FORBIDDEN.
- Contact with water
- The use of make-up removers ((oily ones should be avoided for the entire duration of the
- Spas
- Swimming pool and gym
- Application of mascara or eye make-up

By respecting these simple rules, the benefits will be greater and thus the wonderful effect of
voluminous, curved and dark eyelashes!

4. How many times can I have lash lift done?

Eyelash lamination can be considered a cumulative treatment, therefore more and more satisfactory results are obtained as the number of treatments increases.

It is recommended to repeat the treatment every 4/6 weeks so as not to stress the eyelashes.

5. What if I apply mascara after lamination?

In the 24 hours following the eyelash lamination treatment it is ABSOLUTELY FORBIDDEN to apply mascara in order not to ruin the result of the session.

After 24 hours, better if 48, you can go back to your normal everyday routine.

6. How to make lamination last?

Some “tricks” to make eyelash lamination last longer:
- Respect the abstention rules for 24 hours following the treatment( (contact with water, use of make-up remover, gyms, swimming pools or spas, use of eye make-up)
- avoid stressing the eyelashes by rubbing the eyelashes or using aggressive products
- limit the use of mascara as much as possible
- keep lamination product n.4 in place for as long as possible MOISTURISING SERUM -use a nourishing eyelash product daily such as our BOTOX or  LASH & BROW NOURISHING MASK

7. What to do to strengthen eyelashes?

Kalentin has created a product to be applied daily at home to strengthen, nourish, hydrate and thicken eyelashes: BOTOX HYALURONIC.

It is an innovative serum that nourishes and plumps up weak and lifeless eyelashes and eyebrows thanks to ingredients such as: botox-like peptides, hyaluronic acid, vegetable keratin, fruit extracts and vitamins A, B5, C and E.

apply every evening, after removing make-up and leave on overnight. In the morning, rinse with plenty of water.
- Moisturizing effect thanks to sodium hyalurate, which gives softness and shine to the eyelashes
Botox elasticity and turgidity thanks to the botulinum toxin.
Restructuring, moisturizing and elasticizing effect with vegetable keratin
Nourishing effect for weak and brittle eyelashes thanks to Australian plum extract
Regenerating and antioxidant effect to promote repair and collagen production

8. How to remove the glue after laminating?

The glue of the lamination (Bonding gel) is completely removed with the product n.4 of the eyelash lamination (Moisturising serum). In addition to nourishing the eyelashes after the treatment, the serum eliminates the glue residues left after the application of the tint. It serves both to detach the silicone eyelashes and the silicone itself from the eyelid.


9. How to remove eyelash lamination?

It is a sort of permanent that should be left on for 10 minutes for thin eyelashes or 15 minutes for thicker eyelashes. The lotion is then removed with sticks and distilled water.

10. Who can perform eyelash lamination?

Lamination must be done by a professional. We strongly advise against its use by those who have not attended a course and are unaware of the correct application and relative shutter speeds.Incorrect execution can even cause burnt eyelashes.

Furthermore, we would like to underline that the lash lamination treatment cannot be performed on itself.

11. Who is lash lift recommended for?

Lamination is a treatment designed to take care of your eyelashes. Since this is not an " invasive" treatment, anyone can do it, those with slightly curved eyelashes, those with short ones, those who have decided to do without mascara, those who want to feel a little more beautiful!

12. What does keratin do to eyelashes?

The keratin applied at the end of lash lamination counteracts the effects deriving from the lash perm process. It also moisturizes and nourishes the eyelashes, plumping them and giving them greater shine and elasticity. Keratin has an immediate restructuring and regenerating effect.

Combined with hyaluronic acid and panthenol contained in lamination product n.4 (Moisturising serum) you will notice a volumising, nourishing and plumping effect, stronger and softer eyelashes.

13. How to remove eye make-up with lamination?

To eliminate any make-up residue it will be important to use delicate and non-aggressive make-up remover products for the skin and eyelashes. However, avoid using oil-based make-up removers (such as biphasic ones) which could reduce the duration of the effect.

14. What to do after eyebrow lamination?

What to do after the treatment

Do not wet eyebrows for 24 hours after treatment. Do not apply oils, creams and makeup, but let the product work its magic. After this time, you can apply some coconut oil to your eyebrows to keep them more hydrated.

15. When to wash eyelashes after lamination?

The only rule that you absolutely must follow: do not wash your eyes for 24 hours after the treatment, because the active ingredients have their own precise timing to activate and have their effect.

16. How to remove make-up with eyelash lamination?

Post-treatment recommendations

Gently remove make-up from top to bottom. It is recommended not to rub to avoid damaging the lamination and it is advisable to comb the natural eyelashes after carefully cleansing them.

17. When to wear make-up after eyelash lifting?

In the 24 hours following eyelash lamination, it is absolutely forbidden to apply make-up to the eye area. It is not possible to use mascara, eyeliner and/or eyeshadow, use make-up remover and obviously rub your eyes intensely.

After 24 hours, it is possible to resume the usual beauty routine, avoiding contact of the eye area with oily products.

18. How long does the eyebrow lifting treatment last?

An eyelash lamination session lasts approximately one hour. We advise against undergoing the treatment for those who find it difficult to remain with their eyes closed for a long time, as they will have to remain closed for the entire treatment. Treatment is also difficult for those with flickering eyes.

19. How long does the eyebrow lifting treatment last?

Each session lasts about forty minutes and requires monthly touch-ups to always have eyebrows in order. Timing may vary from customer to customer due to various factors, such as sweating, the make-up used and its removal, the type of hair and skin but also the growth state of the eyebrows themselves.

20. How to regenerate eyelashes?

Kalentin offers three products to regenerate and restructure eyelashes. Products that can be applied daily by anyone with brittle and weak eyelashes due to eyelash extension or lamination treatments, but also just for those who want to keep their eyelashes (and eyebrows) healthy and strong.

How to use: apply every evening, after removing make-up and leave on overnight. In the morning,
rinse with plenty of water.

  • Botox Hyaluronic - Botox Hyaluronic is an innovative serum that nourishes and plumps up weak and lifeless eyelashes and eyebrows thanks to ingredients such  as botox-like peptides, hyaluronic acid, vegetable keratin, fruit extracts and vitamins A, B5, C and E.
  • Lash & Brow Nourishing Mask, designed for anyone who needs to nourish eyelashes and eyebrows, for an extremely soft effect.
  • Moisturising serum, used as the last application during the lamination treatment, gives a nourishing, plumping and regenerating effect to the eyelashes thanks to the principles of sodium hyaluronate, panthenol and keratin.  

21. How to apply keratin on eyelashes and eyebrows?

We recommend to apply Kalentin keratin products daily, every evening, after having carefullyremoved make-up and leave it on overnight, to allow the product to penetrate the hair and workfrom within. In the morning, rinse with plenty of water.

22. Can lamination be done with contact lenses?

Contact lenses can be used without problems at the end of the eyelash lamination treatment by anyone who has undergone a session, taking care to maintain complete hygiene in the area.

23. How to choose the eyelash curler?

The choice of silicone must be made based on the length of the eyelashes, the shape of the eye and the result that the customer wants to achieve.

The technique before the session will have to respond clearly to the client's requests, having determined the feasibility of the success of the request.

24. How long does eyelash lifting last? Moreover, how often to redo it?

Eyelash lamination should be done again every 4/6 weeks (lifetime of the hair itself).

Since this is a treatment considered cumulative, the second/third session could lead to more satisfactory results.

25. Eyelash lift on man?

It is an increasingly requested treatment by men, eyelash lamination but also eyebrows.

Why? Because even men want a deep and intense look like women. Well-groomed eyelashes give the opportunity to enhance the look. Lamination allows just this, making everyone's gaze magnetic.

26. Allergens in lamination?

Anyone can be or become allergic to any ingredient contained in the various steps of eyelash lamination.

What to do then?

We recommend doing a patch test on the client at least 24 hours before treatment, in order to avoid any possibility of an allergic reaction. Furthermore, on our site, the INCI are present on the pages of each product to ask the customer for confirmation of any allergies.


Ask the client if she has any infections, irritations, discomfort in the eye area Consult the client to find out if her medical history has changed between treatments. For greater protection of the professional, we recommend that the client sign an informed consent.

27. Can lamination be done during pregnancy?

As regards the possibility of using the product on pregnant women, even if we can be reasonably certain that a treatment of the eyelashes or eyebrows does not involve any risk during pregnancy or breastfeeding, for precautionary purposes, we recommend that you always consult a doctor or abstain from the treatment. in this period.

28. Can mascara be applied after eyelash lifting?

Yes, but post-treatment eyelash lamination requires that you do not wear makeup before 24 hours to have an optimal effect.

To obtain a fashionable look and attractive eyelashes for a captivating gaze, it is recommended to use mascara, preferably protective, containing vitamins or sunscreens.