Brow Lamination, what to know about: from the procedure to contraindications

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What is a brow lamination?

Brow lamination is a latest generation aesthetic treatment, trendy in recent years, which allows you to redefine, nourish and color your eyebrows, making your gaze more captivating and seductive. It is also a nourishing, fortifying and hydrating treatment that allows you to restore shine and volume to your eyebrows: for this purpose, the active ingredients of Keratin, Chamomile and Panthenol have been included, dedicated to different and complementary regenerating functions with the aim of obtaining healthier, invigorated and soft eyebrows. Perfect for thin eyebrows to volumise, for thicker eyebrows to have a more well-groomed appearance, the Kalentin brow lamination treatment is suitable for everyone, without age or gender limits.

The fundamental steps of eyebrow lamination: here's why you should turn to experts

The treatment is divided into four phases, which involve the use and application of multiple products. Before starting, it is a good idea to study the person's face, choosing the color of the dye and the most harmonious shape possible for the eyebrows.

The treatment is preceded first and foremost by good cleansing, a fundamental step that should not be overlooked: it is best to advise the client to show up to the appointment without make-up. If there are any make-up residues, we suggest using a cleansing mousse. Good cleansing of the skin and eyebrows will allow the products to adhere better and last longer. Subsequently we move on to the application of BROW BONDING using the appropriate brush, proceeding in small sections. It is essential to work the eyebrows with a brush, directing them in the desired direction, until they are completely dry. Then apply the BROW SHAPER over the entire surface of the eyebrows, spreading carefully and evenly. Once applied and the relevant application times have elapsed based on the characteristics of the client's eyebrows, remove the product delicately with a dry brush. Removing the product could mess up the eyebrows: they therefore need to be combed and repositioned. Once this procedure has been completed, apply the BROW FIXER, following the same instructions as the BROW SHAPER, both in application and in removal and final repositioning. Once this procedure is finished, we move on to applying the tint: mix the tint with the activator in a 1:1 ratio and spread it over the entire surface of the eyebrows. Once the application time has elapsed, proceed with complete removal with cotton swabs. Finally, we move on to applying the BROW SERUM over the entire surface of the eyebrows: after three minutes, massage the eyebrows with your fingers or cotton swabs to delicately remove all residues. Finally, comb your eyebrows again.

Carrying out DIY eyebrow lamination is strongly discouraged given the precautions relating to the products to be respected. The products used require installation times, which are essential to obtain an excellent result: for this very reason we always recommend contacting a professional or taking a course before using our products to better understand the structure of the hair, which naturally does not it's the same for all types of eyebrows!

How to treat eyebrows after lamination in the next 24 hours: can I wear makeup?

It is best to follow a few simple rules in the following 24 hours: it is essential not to wet your eyebrows or come into contact with vapors for 24 hours (therefore avoiding steam, showers, spray tanning treatments, saunas, swimming pools and hydromassage tubs). We also advise against using make-up removers, creams and make-up in the area affected by the treatment, also taking care not to rub your eyebrows for the first 24 hours as this can compromise the effect of the treatment. Once you follow these little precautions in the first 24 hours, you can return to your daily beauty routine! This treatment requires daily maintenance: you will have to get into the habit of combing your eyebrows with a special brush! We also recommend our BOTOX HYALURONIC LASH & BROW SERUM, a cutting-edge product to volumise, hydrate, nourish and regenerate eyelashes and eyebrows. Designed for daily use, it is recommended after undergoing a permanent eyelash or eyebrow treatment or during a "rest" period from eyelash extensions.

How long does a brow lamination session last and after how long to repeat the treatment

The eyebrow lamination session takes 40 to 60 minutes. The effect of "KLC Brow lamination" is very subjective: it can last up to 6 weeks, depending on the recycling of the hair. It is advisable to repeat the treatment approximately after 4-6 weeks, so as not to overly stress the hair. The effect of the dye can last from 3 to 4 weeks.

Pros and cons: what are the contraindications?

The Kalentin brow lamination treatment has been designed to exert a double action, focusing both on the creation of shinier and more voluminous eyebrows but also dealing with reinvigoration and nourishment: for this reason, as previously mentioned, the active ingredients of Keratin have been included, Chamomile, Hyaluronic Acid and Panthenol dedicated to different and complementary regenerating functions with the aim of obtaining healthier, reinvigorated and soft eyebrows. Suitable for those who have thick and irregular eyebrows, the eyebrow lamination treatment has no particular contraindications and does not cause any type of problem. It is essential, as previously suggested, to rely on qualified personnel who use professional and preferably certified products, who will know exactly how to behave towards the individual customer. Although no problems related to pregnancy have been found, we always recommend a medical consultation before carrying out the treatment. We also always suggest carrying out a patch test at least 48 hours before treatment, both for the products and for the dye. It is a good idea to report any eye pathologies: if the client has irritation, redness, disorders or diseases in the eye area, we do not recommend carrying out the treatment.

However, we would like to underline that Kalentin products are MADE IN ITALY, VEGAN products, with cosmetic certification and ophthalmologically tested: the products have been tested on the eye and around the periocular area through scientific tests, passing tolerance tests. These tests are designed to certify the quality of the product that will be placed on the market and guarantee maximum reliability.

Does brow lamination hurt?

The answer is absolutely NO. It is important to underline once again the importance of turning to qualified people, who know the products used and the related installation times to obtain an exceptional result. An inexperienced person could make your experience a nightmare: a lack of training can lead to incorrect execution.

Who is brow lamination aimed at?

Eyebrow lamination is a treatment suitable for everyone, without age or gender limits, recommended for anyone who wishes to have a tidy and thick eyebrow arch, maintaining a natural effect. Eyebrow lamination is not a female prerogative: in recent years it has also been highly requested by men, precisely because of the natural and refined effect it allows to obtain. This type of treatment, unfortunately, cannot be performed on those who have absolutely hairless eyebrows, i.e. for example those who have had an eyebrow tattoo due to the lack of natural hair.

The cost of brow lamination

There is no real answer to this question: the cost of each session varies depending on the needs and proposals of the individual operators of the center you are addressing. We again recommend that you only contact qualified people. 


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