What is a Lash Lift? Everything you need to know about the process, results and maintenance

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LASH LIFT: process, results and tips

What is a Lash Lift?

Eyelashes are the frame of our eyes and what better way to enhance them than with lash lift, an innovative aesthetic treatment in the Italian sector based on keratin and vitamin, recommended for both women and men and designed to curl natural eyelashes. A perfect alternative to the classic eyelash curler, Kalentin's "KLC Lash Lift" treatment is specifically designed to perform a double action, focusing both on the creation of longer, curved eyelashes but also taking care of the regeneration and nourishment of natural eyelashes. This treatment is proposed as an alternative to eyelash extensions, being suitable for customers who prefer to opt for a more natural effect and who at the same time are looking for a minimally invasive treatment with a regenerating and invigorating character. The treatment has a similar action to eyelash perming but differs from the latter because it does not involve rolling the natural eyelashes on curlers.

The fundamental steps of lamination: this is why you should turn to experts

The treatment is divided into four essential steps, which involve the use and application of multiple products. First of all: a good cleansing of the eye, a fundamental step that should not be overlooked: it is best to advise the client to come to the appointment without make-up and without contact lenses. If there are any make-up residues, we suggest using a cleansing mousse. We then proceed with the isolation of the lower eyelashes with the appropriate eye patches and with the application of the silicon pad on the eyelid with the BONDING GEL. It is essential to know and choose the right silicone pad, in order to obtain the desired result. The next step is focused on curling the eyelashes: after having correctly adhered the eyelashes to the silicon pad, and waited a few moments to allow perfect drying, we will apply the LIFTING BALM. After the minutes of applying the LIFTING BALM, remove the product with a dry and clean brush and apply the VOLUME FIXER. Once the product has been removed, you can apply the tint: the black-blue color is perfect for a mascara effect. How to prepare it? It is sufficient to mix the dye with oxygen: it is essential to respect the correct dye-oxygen ratio. Once the application time for the dye has elapsed, remove it with a brush. Then apply the MOISTURISING SERUM over the entire length of the lashes and leave to act: after approximately three minutes, use a micro-brush to delicately remove the lashes from the silicon pads. Use the MOISTURISING SERUM again to detach the silicone pads from the eyelids. Carrying out DIY eyelash lamination is strongly discouraged given the delicacy of the area that will be treated and the precautions relating to the products to be respected. The products used require installation times, which are essential to obtain an excellent result: for this very reason we always recommend contacting a professional or taking a course before using our products to better understand the structure of the hair, which naturally does not it's the same for all types of lashes!

How to treat lashes after lash lift in the next 24 hours: can I wear mascara?

We recommend following a few simple rules in the next 24 hours: it is essential NOT to wet your lashes with water (therefore avoiding steam, showers, spray tanning treatments, saunas, swimming pools and whirlpool tubs). We also advise against the use of make-up removers and make-up, taking care not to rub or pull the lashes for the first 24 hours as this can compromise the effect of the treatment. Once you follow these little precautions in the first 24 hours, you can return to your daily beauty routine! We recommend our BOTOX HYALURONIC LASH & BROW SERUM, a cutting-edge product to volumise, hydrate, nourish and regenerate eyelashes and eyebrows. Designed for daily use, it is recommended after undergoing a permanent eyelash or eyebrow treatment or during a "rest" period from eyelash extensions.

How long does a lash lift session last and after how long to repeat the treatment

The Lash Lift session takes from 45 to 75 minutes. Being a treatment carried out with eyes closed, the treatment will be operated on a single lash arch at a time, taking up a longer period of time than other aesthetic treatments. The effect of the "KLC Lash Lift" is very subjective: it can last up to 6-8 weeks, depending on the recycling of the hair. It is advisable to repeat the treatment approximately after 4-6 weeks, so as not to overly stress the hair.

Pros and cons: what are the contraindications?

The objective of the "KLC Lash Lift" treatment is not only to lengthen the eyelashes but also to reinvigorate and nourish them. To this end, the active ingredients of Keratin, Chamomile, Hyaluronic Acid and Panthenol were included, dedicated to different and complementary regenerating functions with the aim of obtaining healthier, reinvigorated and soft eyelashes. Suitable not only for those who want a more seductive look but also for those with curved eyelashes, eyelash lamination has no contraindications and does not create any type of problem. It is essential, as previously suggested, to rely on qualified personnel who use professional and preferably certified products, who will know exactly how to behave towards the individual customer. Although no problems related to pregnancy have been found, we always recommend a medical consultation before carrying out the treatment. We also always suggest carrying out a patch test at least 48 hours before treatment, both for the products and for the dye. It is a good idea to report any eye pathologies: if the client has irritation, redness, disorders or diseases in the eye area, we do not recommend carrying out the treatment. However, we would like to underline that Kalentin products are MADE IN ITALY products with cosmetic certification and are ophthalmologically tested: the products have been tested on the eye and around the periocular area through scientific tests, passing the tolerance tests. These tests are designed to certify the quality of the product that will be placed on the market and guarantee maximum reliability.

Does lash lift hurt?

The answer is absolutely NO. Lash lift is an aesthetic treatment that is contrasted with lengthening, leading to a more natural and certainly more curative result for the growth of eyelashes. However, it is important to underline the importance of turning to qualified people who know the products used and the relative installation times to obtain an exceptional result. An inexperienced person could make your experience a nightmare: a lack of training can lead to incorrect execution.

Why didn't lash lift give the desired result?

There are a series of reasons that lead the client to not be satisfied with the final result: what could this be due to? The thickness of the eyelashes can be one of the reasons that lead to an unsatisfactory result: very thick eyelashes tend to obtain excellent results only after several sessions, precisely because eyelash lamination is a cumulative treatment. Even excessive use of glue and choosing the wrong curler can influence the effectiveness of the treatment, not leading to the desired result. In the specific case of glue, if too much, it can turn into a real "barrier", not allowing the correct penetration of the products.

The cost of lash lift

There is no real answer to this question: the cost of each session varies depending on the needs and proposals of the individual operators of the center you are addressing. We again recommend that you only contact qualified people.


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